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Beyonce burned down the house in Gucci during Lemonade shoot

Beyonce's stylist has opened up about the many looks featured in the singer's new visual album, Lemonade.

Beyonce was dressed in "tonnes of Gucci" during the key house burning scene for Lemonade, much to the delight of her stylist Marni Senofonte.

The Single Ladies singer unveiled her visual album on Saturday (23Apr16) to much acclaim, with her varying outfits during the hour-long screening almost stealing the spotlight from the revealing and personal lyrics.

Marni was in charge of cultivating the wardrobe for the shoot and the fashion professional opened up about her personal favourites to American Vogue.

"My favourite look of the whole film was when we were in the burning house," she said. "I made that white lace bodysuit dress with the big pouf on her shoulders she’s coming down the walkway in.

"In the pull out shot when she was standing in front of the house, she had this yellow tapestry Gucci suit on, and then I killed all the women around her in furs, Marc Jacobs Victorian tops with sequins, and tonnes of Gucci. They didn’t show it for too long and it was dark, but that was a really amazing part of it for a stylist. She was burning the house down in Gucci."

The 34-year-old's video featured a number of Victorian and antebellum looks, but these outfits were contrasted with modern couture and more urban ensembles, such as one scene where the singer's hair is styled in cornrows and wears a Hood by Air fur and some serious swag.

"As soon as I saw the harness, I loved it," Marni shared. "I think the swag that she had in Don’t Hurt Yourself was perfect for that fur. And when she put it on, it came alive, with her braids and the Yeezy look—those pieces were workout clothes in a way."

"It’s this angry, crazy song and you’re letting it out, but there is a masculine element to it as well," she added. "Kind of like, 'I’m this strong feminine woman, but I’m a pimp!' Like, 'Who you think you are?! I’m the pimp! I’m the one who runs this!' and that was the energy that I felt. And she embodied that, because she kind of is that. She’s a sweet girl, but she really is a boss."

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