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Beyoncé's hair secrets revealed

Beyoncé Knowles' hairstylist has revealed the tricks behind her perfect locks.

The singer is known for performing energetically on stage and wows her audience with a host of costume and hair changes. Stylist Kim Kimble, who tends to her locks, has a winning formula when it comes to Beyoncé's locks.

"I start with her hair down as a foundation," she explained to Refinery29. "I don't put it up until the very end, because it's hard to get it to look good down after that."

The hair professional also advised those coveting Beyoncé's style to opt for a similar look when heading to festivals this summer. She said the go-to basics are just "good, strong bobby pins, a great dry shampoo, and a texturising wax".

As Beyoncé's shows involve a lot of dancing, the 32-year-old often gets hot and sweaty on stage. Kim bears this in mind when planning her styles.

"If your hair gets curly when it's damp, don't go for something sleek and silky. Do something with texture so that if the curls come back, you have a style that will fit that occasion, too," she advised.

As a celebrity, Beyoncé has a dedicated team of professionals to help her look great. Among those is her make-up artist Sir John, who created her tour looks and those seen in her visual album.

"Beyoncé herself is my muse. Her passion for growth, not only as an artist, but as a human being, really pushed me to greater heights as well," he gushed to Destination Iman recently. "We also were shooting all over the world while touring. So being in places as varied as Rio De Janeiro, to New Zealand. One can’t help but be inspired by the people and their street style."

He added that the super star often lets him "wing it" when it comes to her onstage looks.

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