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Beyoncé's make-up depends on her mood

Beyoncé Knowles is so in tune with her make-up artist, he can "feel" what kind of look she wants to go for.

Sir John is the man behind the singer's amazing looks, and he's also worked with the likes of Naomi Campbell and Joan Smalls. Rather than relying on trends or outside influences, Sir John just listens to his inner voice when deciding on Beyoncé's cosmetic choices.

"The look depends on her mood. I know this sounds crazy, but I'm a little bit psychic. I can feel if today's a lip day - or if she's a little more fired up - we'll do a winged cat eye. So it really is about the chemistry," he revealed to

"I take all these things into consideration: What city are we in also has a lot to do with how I approach make-up. When we were in South America I just went crazy with colour. I went to the Picasso Museum in Barcelona and I was so inspired by his saturation of colour on cheeks and I was like, 'I can do this on a real person!' So this is how I get inspired. I get inspired by art, and you know what they say: life imitates art."

Sir John added that any girl can channel her inner Beyoncé with confidence and a good moisturiser.

While the 32-year-old might rock dramatic looks on tour, her make-up artist likes it best when she goes natural.

"The last year of my life I've been on tour with Beyoncé. We've been to South America, North America, New Zealand, Australia and Europe. Twice. I also worked on eight of her music videos," he said.

"I've learned a lot from her about work ethic and pushing yourself. What's my favourite look I've ever done on her? Wow, we're talking about a year's worth of faces! But can I tell you the truth? I love when she comes to me with no make-up on. That's when I love to look at her. My favourite looks are when she's the most pared down."

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