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Beyoncé's make-up explained

Beyoncé Knowles doesn't need to wear much make-up to create a natural beauty look.

The singer has been working with make-up guru Francesca Tolot since the pair met on the set for the promo for her 2003 smash hit Crazy in Love.

Francesca has helped Beyoncé achieve some of her most iconic looks, and the pair have become firm friends.

Francesca describes the singing superstar as "approachable" and "warm" and looks forward to their time working together.

"It’s so easy. She is beautiful, first of all, so even if we have to do a bare look - like for If I Were A Boy to mention one - there was really practically no make-up there," Francesca divulged to

"There isn't really a look she doesn’t like. She’s very smart - whatever we do is her project. It’s her. Usually there’s a message in the song, which influences the way it’s going to be filmed, and the wardrobe, and the choreography.

"That's all information that I have beforehand, and that will inspire the look for the make-up. She trusts me, and we even have the same kind of taste, so that makes it very easy."

As well as being versatile and easy to work with, Beyoncé has also provided Francesca with one of her favourite jobs.

Her past clients have included Dame Elizabeth Taylor and Cher. She was even personally requested by legendary fashion photographer Helmut Newton to work on projects.

But it was with Beyoncé that Francesca experienced her most memorable career moment.

"I worked with her on [2006 movie] Dreamgirls. That’s what I call the dream job for me, absolutely. It’s got to be my favourite. I was actually so scared stepping into it because I’m not good at going into the same place every day and spending so much time with the same person, in a way.

"The freedom of creativity was spectacular. The director gave us the freedom to create each look. My favourite was the glitter eye, but they’re all beautiful and I’m very proud of all of them but this one is just… I love it," Francesca smiled.

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