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Big Sean: Chipotle keeps me fuelled

Big Sean says he relies on food from Mexican chain Chipotle every day to keep him “fuelled”.

The 27-year-old musician boasts a muscular, lean physique. But in a new interview, Sean has revealed a surprising secret behind his diet.

Taking over GQ’s Twitter account last weekend and then following up in an interview with the magazine, the star admitted he relies on food from the Mexican chain on a daily basis.

“I eat Chipotle every day,” he said. “It keeps me fuelled.”

The singer first ate at Chipotle back in 2007 when he was working with Kanye West on his Graduation album.

Since then, Sean has perfected his order choice and now has one item in particular he always goes for when he stops by the eatery.

“My go-to Chipotle order is the salad bowl with extra rice and either chicken or barbacoa depending on what I had the last time and no guac for me,” he told the publication. “I don’t really like avocado.”

Sean is regularly on the move thanks to his successful music career. And he says that when he’s in a country that doesn’t feature on Chipotle’s roster, he finds himself suffering from intense cravings.

“When I’m overseas touring in other countries and I can’t have it, I for sure miss it a lot,” he said.

The singer sometimes mixes things up by ordering a taco or quesarito. But whatever he chooses, the calorie content is mostly high.

Asked how he maintains such a lithe physique, Sean credited it to his energetic stage performances.

“I pretty much finish it every time,” he said of his Chipotle meals. “I’m touring right now so I perform every night so that’s how I stay fit. I never save it for two meals!”

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