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Blake hates 'puffy' hair

Blake Lively sometimes worries her hair looks too "puffy and fuzzy".

The 26-year-old star's long blonde, wavy, tresses are the envy of women around the world. She insists her locks don't always look perfect though, although she's worked out a way to improve their appearance even when things have gone wrong.

"When my hair goes wrong, it goes all puffy and fuzzy, like a fluffy tent. Having the right oil is key - many can be too heavy," she told British magazine Glamour. "I like Elvive Extraordinary Oil Mist because it strikes the right balance - it's softening, but also has a bit of grip. Don't just slap it on, otherwise you end up with a big greasy slick and the bad hair just gets worse. I rub a tiny bit between my fingers and twist it into my hair in sections, separating each strand so it gets a nice texture."

Blake's haircare routine is pretty simple so she doesn't have to think about it too much. One of her biggest tips actually happened by accident one day, but she now can't imagine not doing it. As the star's hair is so thick she doesn't fully wash out masks when she uses them, leaving her with a "piecey" texture which she finds easy to style.

"It does make your hair a bit heavier, so if you have fine hair it wouldn't work," she advised.

"And then, when it's almost dry, I twist it into a tight ballerina bun. My trick is to pull the hair through itself, leaving the ends straight. You don't want flicks or curly ends. This gives a nice deep-set wave that's really natural. And when I want it wavier, I just split it into two or three buns."

Blake enjoys experimenting when it comes to her beauty routine, but things don't always end well. She's previously admitting trying to give herself a facial, with dubious results.

"I like having massages but don't have time to get treatments that often. I do my own manis because I love playing with nails," she previously told British magazine InStyle. "And I'll give myself horrible at-home facials that end in lots of concealer. But I find the best way to unwind is a bath, as much sleep as possible and watching cookery shows in bed."

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