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Blake Lively predicts festive fragrance fight

Blake Lively says her family will be "fighting" over who gets to wear the latest Gucci fragrance this Christmas.

The actress believes perfume is the perfect gift to give her during the holiday season.

Blake, who is the face of Gucci Premiere, joked that she has the same sense of smell as the other female members of her family.

As the youngest of five siblings, Blake hinted that this Christmas the family will be battling for the latest Gucci scent as it smells so good.

"My mom is my biggest idol. I'll have to fight her for this fragrance and my sisters as well, we will all be wearing Gucci Premiere," Blake gushed to British magazine Grazia's website. "In a dark room you won't be able to tell us apart! The things that I like to give are the same as what I like to receive, a picture album, a frame or a fragrance."

This Christmas marks Blake's first as a married woman after she wed actor Ryan Reynolds in September wearing a Marchesa gown.

Blake revealed that Ryan can't go wrong if he gets her perfume as she values things that evoke memories, and stand the test of time.

"Fragrance is something my father would always give to my mother, we've always given it in my family. It's an identifier, it tells a story," Blake explained. "It's a great gift because it's so comforting to be near someone you love and you recognise their smell you can say aaahh that's you! It's a selfish gift to give because you get so much pleasure out of it as well."

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