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Blake Lively: Versace gown empowered me

Blake Lively felt "empowered" in her 2009 Emmy Awards outfit, which helped seal her status as a style icon.

The Gossip Girl star always makes a memorable entrance at big events thanks to her daring fashion looks.

The 25-year-old fashion fan discussed the infamous deep plunging red hot Versace gown she sported to the 2009 Emmys, which helped seal her status as a style icon.

"Oh my gosh, that was a very tricky outfit," Blake smiled to ET Online."I'm actually a pretty shy person and that outfit was a very daring outfit. It was a very windy day, so you have to go and feel like [and] think of somebody else. I've said before, I thought of Marilyn Monroe. How would she feel if she were walking out there? It's like playing a character, and it's so fun to wear that because that's a dress I'd see and be like, 'I love that. I wish I had the nerve to wear that!' So that was an empowering look."

The actress is one of the few Hollywood stars who does not use a stylist.

Her innate style has helped Blake secure high-profile endorsement deals for the world's biggest designer labels. The latest sees her as the face of Gucci's Première, the iconic fashion brand's signature female fragrance. Landing jobs like this boosts her confidence, so she never regrets occasions when she may have made a red carpet error.

"I think that if you believe that you can't make a mistake as long as you feel good in it, then you have a sort of freedom," she continued. "You're never going to have 100 per cent of the people loving what you wore - you're always going to have people split on it. So as long as you look back and you said, 'I felt really proud to wear that that night - I felt really good about myself,' then that's all that really matters."

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