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Blake Lively's trainer: Do what you can

Blake Lively’s personal trainer Don Saladino has offered his top tips on how to get an A-list body.

Don Saladino has worked with The Age of Adaline actress as well as other Hollywood leading ladies such as Scarlett Johansson. But despite their figures being the envy of women everywhere, Don insists it doesn’t come from being faultless 24/7.

“One thing one should keep in mind when training is that you do not have to be perfect,” he told Vogue Australia. “In a seven-day span I want 80 per cent of it perfect. Leave the other 20 per cent to do your best.”

Both Blake, 27, and Scarlett, 30, have got back into shape relatively quickly after giving birth to their respective daughters last year. But Don added to the outlet that women should not be too hard on themselves about the length of time it takes to get the figure they want.

“Everyone responds to exercise differently,” he explained. “I have worked with individuals where I have seen physical changes in a week. Others take a little more time than that. It all depends on how much emphasis someone wants to put into their diet since diet is truly the key.”

However, what you choose to do in the gym can be important too.

“Begin with movements that give more bang for your buck,” he said. “Compound movements are a must which is when you are doing a multi-jointed exercise.”

Examples include split squats, dumbbell rows, dumbbell bench press and planks.

“It is just four movements but they all involve more than one area of the body,” he added.

As well as the right diet and the correct fitness plan, Don’s final tip for an A-lister body is to seven to nine hours of sleep a night.

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