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Blanchett on the power of scent

Cate Blanchett thinks you can learn a lot about a person from their scent.

The Oscar winning actress is the face of Giorgio Armani’s Si fragrance. For the Australian, perfume and a person’s scent has always played a big part in her life.

“We've all got different moods and ways we want to express ourselves; scent is a very powerful way to let people in to your secret life,” she told “I think that is where a scent is so powerful because it harnesses our memory and our memory is a very emotional place.”

For the 44-year-old, one of her strongest memories when it comes to smell is from being a little girl trying on her mom’s clothes. The Blue Jasmine star can still recall how thrilling she found the experience.

“I used to love dressing up in my mother's clothes when she was gardening or out somewhere. I would often close myself in her closet to be in the darkness with her scent,” she revealed. “The smell was so exciting and alluring to me because I knew that a lot of these clothes would be worn out at night somewhere that I couldn't possibly imagine in my six-year-old mind."

Cate has portrayed a wide range of characters during her career, from Queen Elizabeth I to Katharine Hepburn, a villainous agent to a royal elf. The star went on to reveal how she uses a fragrance as one of the many tools to help her get into character.

“I often have a few [scents] depending on if I'm playing a character,” she said. “The character may be wearing a scent that perhaps I wouldn't wear.”

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