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Bond girl Stephanie Sigman ditches make-up when off duty

Actress Stephanie Sigman loves having a glam team to rely on for red carpet events.

Bond girl Stephanie Sigman gets ready for nights out quicker than her male pals.

The Mexican actress starred as Estrella in the latest 007 movie Spectre, meaning she'll forever be known as one of the franchise's stunning female characters. That's funny to Stephanie, who is far from being obsessed with her appearance in everyday life.

"I'm usually really fast," she told Britain's InStyle magazine. "I don't use a lot of products. I don't even like to wear make-up when I'm not working. It's good for my skin. I'm even faster at getting ready than my guy friends."

That's not to say the star doesn't enjoy getting glammed up for a red carpet performance. The best bit of it for her is having a team of people who are paid to make her look good - no matter what the raw material they have to work with looks like on the special day.

"I'm pretty spoilt when it comes to having a glam team," she laughed. "Being a girl, there are some days when I'm not feeling pretty, but after hair and make-up I'll go look in the mirror and be like, I may not feel great but I look amazing, so that's pretty cool."

Keeping in shape is another important part of the job, especially as Stephanie has worked as a model too. She's come to realise she needs exercise in her life to ensure she feels her best, so when her schedule is hectic she really starts to miss it.

"I haven't done anything for a couple of months because I've been working and travelling so much," she said. "I usually like to go running three times a week, and I also do boxing or yoga, so I'm feeling pretty unfit right now."

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