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Bonham Carter's costume demands

Helena Bonham Carter is "bad" with costume designers because she is so "stubborn".

The 48-year-old actress can soon be seen in The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet, which follows a young boy who secretly leaves home to collect an award. She had a very set idea about how she should look in the release and wasn't afraid to speak her mind.

"I am bad with costume designers. I'm very stubborn. But it's my body, I've got to feel comfortable. Like with this new film, T.S. Spivet, I thought of her in tonnes of tea dresses, but they wanted me in beiges. So I put my foot down," she told Time Out London magazine.

Clothes and jewellery are important to Helena when it comes to getting into character. She will never forget her horror when she saw the jewels she was initially expected to wear in Burton and Taylor, in which she portrayed Dame Elizabeth Taylor to Dominic West's Richard Burton.

"I was playing Elizabeth Taylor and the jewellery was fake. I couldn't believe it. I said, 'We're playing one of the richest couples in the world and you're giving me fakes?'" she fumed. "So I got some stuff from mom. And Cartier came on board. You've got to have real diamonds."

Another of the star's on-set fashion memories came from her upcoming film Suffragette, which is due out next year. It's about women's fight to get the vote and also stars Meryl Streep.

"Meryl is my new girlfriend," Helena enthused. "On Suffragette she was wearing these wonderful shoes and I said I liked them and she said, 'Oh yes, these were from Out of Africa.' And I was like: girl crush!"

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