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Bosworth: Fashion should be transitional

Kate Bosworth wanted to design footwear that was “directional and comfortable”.

The 31-year-old actress has partnered with footwear label Matisse to help create ten different shoe styles. And she’s outlined what’s important to her when coming up with designs.

“I have always been attracted to fashion that is transitional, meaning designs that carry a woman from season to season, from day to night,” she told E! News. “That was a significant part of the thought process for this collection. I wanted to think about footwear that is directional and also comfortable. This is also very much in line with the Matisse customer: You can wear the ‘Charlotte’ star boots with jeans for a more casual, classical approach or pair them with a skirt or dress for a trendier look. I feel footwear should be able to transcend one look.”

Kate explained her relationship with Matisse came about “organically”. Since then she’s sourced her inspiration from all parts of the creative world, including films she’s previously acted in.

“The ‘Chadwick’ and ‘Dawn’ styles were a nod to my Blue Crush days,” she revealed.

When she’s not designing or acting, the multi-tasker makes sure to maintain an active fitness regime. Plenty of variety in her workouts is what she believes keeps her impressive physique.

“Depending on my schedule, I try and exercise three times a week for about 30 to 45 minutes in circuit training style,” Kate said. “I mix up cardio, jump rope, boxing and using my own body weight for strengthening (pushups, plank, etc.). The New York Times 7-Minute scientific work out app is great for limited time but effective!”

With the holidays around the corner, however, Kate is looking forward to taking a break from work. She’ll be spending time with her director husband Michael Polish and the rest of her nearest and dearest.

“Honestly, I am just thrilled to be at home with my family,” she smiled.

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