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Bosworth planning label?

Kate Bosworth's got her eye on her own stand-alone fashion range.

The actress-and-designer has just launched her second line for Topshop, with pieces priced from £35 - £500 available in store and online.

It's simply called The Collection and features 46 items aimed at being the ultimate capsule wardrobe for winter, and Kate is already looking towards the future for more design work.

"I think you always want to keep pushing yourself to do something in which I'd be even more involved with. Potentially [I might have my own line].

"I don't take anything lightly, and if I were to take that on, I'd have a really wonderful team, and that's something that's important. I don't pretend to sit here and say, 'I know everything about everything.' I'm learning slowly as I move along," Kate modestly told

Kate, 30, takes her design duties with Topshop seriously, and was involved with the whole process of making the clothes come to life.

And she won't put a piece out that the she wouldn't wear herself, and more importantly only designs clothes that she feels good in.

"I want every piece to be something I covet, that I'm a fan of, that I want to wear. When people ask me, 'Who do you dress for?' I say I dress for myself. When I design I want to put on a piece and feel instantly great about what I'm wearing.

"The idea of the monochrome was the driving force behind the vision of the collection. The white leather lab coat, I was obsessive about it in the design process. A white leather coat is a piece that instantly makes something look expensive," she explained.

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