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Bowie’s ‘incredible’ Vuitton voyage

David Bowie's L'Invitation au Voyage campaign with Louis Vuitton will see him "travel through time".

The British musician is set to appear in an ad for the French label's L'Invitation au Voyage promotion.

It will see model Arizona Muse fly through a dream world in a hot air balloon before landing in Venice's Piazza San Marco, where she will be surrounded by a crowd and serenaded by Bowie.

This video will also include him performing a harpsichord version of his track I'd Rather Be High.

The brand's communication and events director, Frederic Winckler, gave a hint as to what to expect from the footage.

"The film is all about travelling through time, and sharing an incredible moment," he told WWD.

As the track plays, the camera is transported to a huge ball, where Muse awakens only to find the hall is empty, as she leaves sailing on a Chinese boat.

It seems Bowie was just as keen to be involved with the promotion as Winckler, and he recalled how they came together for the venture.

"He's a client and someone who has a natural link with the brand. He liked the character, the role he was asked to play. [Like Vuitton he] moves through time" Winckler added.

Print and TV commercials are due for release next month, and cinema ads are also scheduled to be shown towards the end of November.

Along with the advertisements, the brand is using Bowie's campaign to launch a new app, Louis Vuitton Pass. This will give customers the freedom to scan icons for extra content, such as behind the scenes of the film.

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