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Brad Pitt: I respect Chanel

Brad Pitt has revealed why he chose to collaborate with Chanel on their No. 5 fragrance advertising campaign.

The Hollywood star discussed how he came to be cast as the first male face of the iconic perfume.

Brad defended his decision to star in what has now become a widely parodied television advert, claiming he believes in the core values the French design house has been built on.

"I respect what Chanel do, I can't [recognise the smell if a woman walks by] but I respect how they are not a big corporation, they make their internal decision themselves and they do really quality things," Brad gushed to Access Hollywood. "You know, I just thought why not."

Brad was questioned on whether he thinks his Chanel campaign is overly dramatic. The actor blushed as he explained that he is rather fond of his work for No. 5. Although he hasn't seen any of the parodies about his Chanel campaign yet, he doesn't begrudge anyone poking fun at it.

"I kind of liked it! It was my director friend of mine who filmed it and there will be many different versions coming out that were made from it," Brad explained.

"You know I've been overseas so blissfully protected and unaware of them [parodies of the advert]. I say fair play, fair play to the parodies but no I haven't seen them."

Brad admitted that his fiancée Angelina Jolie hasn't seen his commercials with Chanel. The star explained how he keeps his work and personal life separate at home.

"We don't see a lot of each other's stuff actually. The home is everything and this [Chanel campaign] is a by product of the home. If we need help we'll get in there and ask each other," Brad explained.

"[is No. 5 the gift that keeps giving?] well there is a part two, part three, part four - if you're lucky!"

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