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Bradley Cooper: Pasta is perfect

Bradley Cooper has to remind himself how many calories are in pizza and ice cream so he doesn’t indulge too much.

The American actor’s mother is from Italy, so he was introduced to the country’s delicacies at a young age.

He follows a strict training regime and diet plan so he looks good on screen, but he admits to some foodie weaknesses too.

“I try to stick to lighter meals as often as possible, such as chicken, turkey, salad and brown rice,” he revealed to the German edition of Shape magazine.

“My mother is Italian, so I love pizza and pasta – and for dessert, ice cream obviously. But I only indulge every now and again, because I know how many calories are in those tempting treats.”

Bradley next appears in Serena, which co-stars Jennifer Lawrence. The 39-year-old had to learn horseback riding for the feature – something he’s always wanted to master.

“I’ve always admired those who can ride. Now I can do it too, and can show off with it,” he laughed.

Even before he learned the sport, Bradley kept active. He has a personal trainer who makes sure he keeps up with his gym sessions.

“I try to train for two hours, five days a week – two lots of cardio, two of weights and extra abs training,” he revealed.

The lucky woman who gets to enjoy Bradley’s toned physique is British model Suki Waterhouse. He’s been with the 22-year-old for almost two years and divulged what he looks for in romance.

“The perfect date is lots of laughter and feeling comfortable with the other person,” he said, adding that his hopes for the woman he marries are: “That we will be happy together for the rest of our lives, like my parents and grandparents.”

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