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Brandon Flowers' beard dilemma

Brandon Flowers is proud he's able to style his hair into an extravagant up do these days.

The Killers frontman is known for his dapper style, often spotted in fancy jackets with embellishments. At the moment he's considering mixing up his look with some facial hair, but he hasn't decided if he's ready to commit fully yet.

"I've got about two day's growth right now," he told Q magazine.

"I'm not adverse to growing a beard, but I've got to make sure I'm fully capable before I attempt it."

The star's hair is also a changeable feat and at the moment he's enjoying having it quite long. Rather than allowing it to grace his shoulders, Brandon goes for a tall look - especially now he's learnt a few tricks of the trade.

"I guess it may be, yeah. I'm reaching some new heights," he replied, when asked if his locks are the highest they've ever been. "I've learned a few tricks with the hairbrush and a blow dryer. It's incredible, the volume."

When his band first found fame, Brandon was renowned for his flamboyant use of feathery creations and unusual stage attire. He previously insisted there's nothing he looks back on with embarrassment though.

"Getting more comfortable in my own skin and feeling more confident is somehow taking the place of feathers and pink leather. I wouldn’t take back the feathers. I felt empowered when I put that jacket on, it was a ceremony, I loved it," he told British magazine Shortlist.

"But I can’t wear them forever. I gave them to the London Hard Rock."

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