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Brandy: You’re looking at the new me

Brandy Norwood says that taking on the role of Roxie Hart in Broadway show Chicago made her reevaluate how she perceives her well-being.

The 36-year-old singer is currently playing Roxie Hart in Broadway show Chicago.

But prior to taking on the role, Brandy admits her well-being was at the bottom of her priority list.

However, now she’s in such a physical part in the production, Brandy is putting herself first to ensure she can keep up with the pace.

“I didn’t exercise or take care of myself and my body the way I needed to,” she told “I just woke up one day and decided to live my best life, so what you see is the new me!”

Brandy acknowledges that maintaining her strenuous regimen can be difficult at points. But she has set her mind to staying as healthy as possible, and the star is determined not to let herself down.

“Some days are tough, but with the right focus and dedication I refuse to hit my snooze button,” she said.

“I know good things are happening because of this healthy release of energy with my mind, body and soul!”

Brandy’s interview came as she let take a look at what she eats on a daily basis.

Among her favourite meals are egg white omelettes and grilled salmon.

Combined with a healthy diet, Brandy also ensures she does an hour and a half of training per day – mixing things up with boxing with her personal trainer and cardio and weight training.

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