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Brian Atwood: Platforms are intimidating

Brian Atwood finds women's love of platform shoes hard as they make him feel so short.

The footwear designer knows the style of shoe is polarising in the fashion industry. While most women love wearing them as they are so comfortable, designers such as Manolo Blahnik have slammed them for being ugly.

Brian takes the middle-ground, insisting there is a place for the shoe in modern society.

"Manolo, he's done a certain shoe and I commend him. He's a great designer and one of my mentors and inspirations from when I started and I think people do what they feel. I'm sure he did them in the past. But I think they're here to stay, especially for women because they're so used to being put on these pedestals. Everyone's wearing them and it's hard to walk into a party and you feel so short. I feel short!" he laughed to

Brian thinks people can get too obsessed about what is in fashion and what isn't. He believes women are moving towards a time when they will wear what feels right and stop worrying about trends.

"I think that nowadays it's not about one thing is right, one thing is wrong. Women will always have a platform in their wardrobe. It's never going to be completely 'out'. Maybe you'll see the single sole like it is now being revisited and it looks good, it looks fresh because we've been so platform heavy," he said.

"But I think it's good to have both, there's a time for both, and especially with certain outfits and silhouettes."

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