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Britton: I need mascara

Connie Britton relies on eye make-up to make her look more awake after losing out on sleep.

The American actress is a beauty lover and has teamed up with skincare brand Pond's for their new Luminous Finish BB+ cream.

In order to keep looking fresh and awake throughout the day Connie relies on eye make-up to give her peepers a wider look. She finds it comes in handy when juggling work and looking after her adopted son Eyob, which often leaves her sleep deprived.

"As a mom, it's tough to fit in a full eight hours of beauty sleep! But I'm always really amazed at what a difference a couple of coats of volumising mascara make in the morning," she said in a statement for Pond's. "It actually helps me look bright-eyed and well-rested."

Connie also pays attention to her diet when it comes to maintaining her youthful looks. The 46-year-old star chooses her snacks according to how they will affect her overall appearance and makes sure to eat regularly when she hasn't time for a proper meal.

"Busy routines allow for little time to sit down and enjoy a meal," she added. "I make sure to carry high protein, healthy snacks like almonds that are great for my skin and help keep it radiant."

However, there is one area of her looks which she is more relaxed about. Connie is known for her shiny strawberry-blonde hair and while it always looks perfectly styled she insists she doesn't fuss over it as much as people think.

"I don't do very much, actually," Connie told HuffPost Live. "I don't wash my hair a lot, because the natural oils just make it shiny. It's very easy to manage."

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