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Bromfield feels boxy

Dionne Bromfield admits mean comments about her weight used to leave her an "emotional wreck".

The British singer is known for her svelte shape and great fashion sense, which caught the eye of The Wanted's Nathan Sykes, who she dated until April this year.

While others might envy her good looks, 17-year-old Dionne isn't totally body confident.

"[I like] my legs because they're long," she admitted to British magazine new!

"[I don't like] my shoulders. I think I'm really wide. I always feel like I look really boxy."

The late Amy Winehouse backed Dionne's singing talents from a young age and her debut album was released via Amy's Lioness Records label.

Having been in the spotlight throughout her teenage years has had an effect on the star's confidence.

"Yes and no. I'm one of those people who believe, 'Either accept me how I am or don't'," she revealed.

"But when you're on the red carpet and you see all these beautiful people, you think, 'I wish I could look like that.' And people can be so mean on Twitter."

Dionne admits she sometimes has diet cheat days, where she indulges in strawberries dipped in chocolate and Chinese takeaways.

Luckily as she's grown older, the pretty star has learnt to ignore hateful comments about her weight.

"If you had asked me a year ago, I would have told you I was an emotional wreck," she confessed.

"I used to get people telling me I was ugly and fat. I was 16 at the time and it made me think, 'Am I fat?' For every ten lovely comments, there's always a bad one that sticks with you."

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