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Brooke Shields for MAC

Brooke Shields has created a new collection with MAC Cosmetics, and reveals she was encouraged to bring her vision to life.

The American actress follows in the footsteps of Raquel Welsh and Diana Ross for the make-up giant's latest Icon collection.

After bumping into MAC’s senior vice president and creative director James Gager while out grabbing coffee, Brooke was soon signed up as the next icon.

“The minute [James] planted the seed, I went to work on my [inspiration] book," Brooke revealed to WWD.

"I was smearing lipsticks and making smudges of products, tearing out ideas. I brought it to the first meeting, and the surprising thing is that they cared. I was like, ‘You’re punking me.’ They were treating me as an equal, and it encouraged me to have my vision."

As well as gracing both the big and small screen, Brooke has also worked as a successful model during her career.

But her training meant she was more used to doing what people asked of her rather then actually giving any direction herself.

“I went through all of my make-up, opened it all up, looked at it all and started to decide what of each product I loved - whether it was from MAC or some obscure brand I got on a shoot in Japan," she divulged of her creation process.

"I’ve always paid close attention on shoots - I love learning new techniques, and there’s always some trick you learn. I’m so used to having my make-up done by someone else - this was really my first time to delve in personally, rather than it being a mask that’s put on for a certain photo shoot."

Brooke's Icon collection is the largest to date, with prices ranging from $17 to $85. The centrepiece is a 16-shade eyeshadow palette, with colours starting at a golden peach beige all the way through to a matte black shade.

"[And] so many times you get asked to ‘create’ something, but it ends up being ‘put your face on this.’ I got to run with this, and I loved every detail of it. I loved being a part of the process and having my taste incorporated into it," Brooke smiled.

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