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Brooke Shields gives life lessons

Brooke Shields spoke about her experiences in fashion and beauty during an inspiring talk to graduates in New York.

The Hollywood star has worked as a model in the past, as well as an actress and best-selling author. She's also had a cosmetics line with MAC, so was the perfect person to dish out advice to graduates of the School of Art and Design and School of Graduate Studies at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).

“Whether it was Vogue with Polly Mellen, or a poster with Keith Haring: there would be a big frenzy and chaos getting ready with hair and make-up. I would walk onto the set, and he [Richard] would close this massive, iron, factory-like door, and nobody else was allowed in. It would just be me and Dick. He never let anyone interfere with his vision," she said.

"[If others start to doubt you], be like Avedon and shut the big, metal door. Make mistakes, grow, make more mistakes, I’ve had too many to list and most on a very public scale. Why did I date George Michael? I didn’t know.”

Brooke has always been able to poke fun at herself and during the chat laughed about a line of hairdryers she put her name to in the 80s.

But the 49-year-old took her role as guest speaker seriously, donning a graduation cap and gown for the occasion. She spoke about fears, expectations and work ethics, as well as touching on how important it is to remember your lineage.

"I’m not talking about genes. But I did do a little Calvin Klein ad campaign - you might have heard of it - at 15, and that was a firestorm. It was wonderful, we knew we were part of something that was important," she smiled.

"I’m talking about paying attention to the lineage of your creativity. Even before FIT, what was it that you return to, that you remained motivated by? Where does your passion always seem to lie?”

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