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Brooklyn Decker: I was considered 'too curvy'

Brooklyn Decker owes her career to Sports Illustrated championing her as a model.

The US actress began her career as a fashion star before moving into film work. She's starred alongside A-list names like Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz as well as modelling for Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret, but admits when she first started, she felt out of place in front of the camera

“I grew up in North Carolina and becoming an actor or model isn’t even in the realm of possibility – it’s just absurd. It’s a very cliché story – I got scouted as a model in a shopping mall. But I always felt out of place because I stated modelling ten years ago when being curvy and athletic wasn’t very popular," she told GQ Australia.

“I would go long stretches without booking a job, but Sports Illustrated was always a champion of mine and I was so lucky they had a huge global platform. Now models have Twitter and Instagram, but back then, [SI] was one of the only magazines giving models a voice. They gave me a career and it definitely opened up a lot of doors.”

Things have changed drastically for Brooklyn since then, and with four new acting projects in the pipeline, work has never been better. As well as three new movies, she is starring in Jane Fonda's TV series Grace and Frankie, about a pair of rivals who find out their husbands have run off together.

Most of her jobs are based in LA but the 28-year-old still calls North Carolina home - and it's the ideal place for her to keep fit.

“It’s on the water, and I just love to be out in the sun. I enjoy being adventurous more than anything – I love hiking or kayaking. My ideal weekend would actually be back in North Carolina, hiking, cooking and hanging out with friends," she smiled.

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