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Bruce Willis proud of 'pretty' head

Bruce Willis is proud he has a "pretty" head.

The Hollywood star is famed for his closely cropped hair. Bruce thinks his shaved tresses are the reason his career has been so successful, as he is instantly recognisable.

"I don't know, maybe my shaved head?" he told German magazine In, when asked how he's done so well in movies. "I'm pretty proud of that because I can afford to have it! My head is a very pretty shape."

Bruce has been the subject of much speculation about his hair. While some think he simply sports short locks as he likes them, others have suggested it is because his hair is receding.

Several years ago the star admitted his tresses aren't as lustrous as they used to be, although he insisted it doesn't matter.

"I'm a man and I will kick anybody's ass who tries to tell me that I'm not one because my hair is thinning. Besides, I like fooling around with looking different ways," he said.

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