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Bryan Cranston clueless about clothes

Bryan Cranston needs help creating outfits for himself.

Actor Bryan Cranston’s stylist has to give the star specific instructions of how to wear his clothes for red carpet appearances, because the actor has no fashion sense.

Stylist Michael Fisher takes pictures of the Breaking Bad star in his outfits and labels them so the 59 year old remembers how to wear his clothes. Cranston admits he is grateful for Fisher's assistance, because he has no clue how to dress.

"People tell me, 'Bryan, we like you, but you don't have a good judgment of clothes, so what we have to do is put you with a stylist'," Cranston tells U.S. late night host Jimmy Fallon. "I go the stylist's place and he puts on all these clothes and he takes pictures and he puts things together for me because I'm not really good at that.

"One time I went on the road and I had all my clothes and I didn't know what to wear, like what shirt with what tie...," he continued. "So he put together pictures and attached them to each suit..."

Bryan plays Walter White in Breaking Bad, a schoolteacher who transformed into a vicious drug lord after discovering he was dying of cancer.

He lost a lot of weight for that role, but the process of dropping the pounds was not a struggle for him.

“No,” Bryan told AMC network’s blog in response to whether it was difficult changing his body so dramatically for the part. “I guess that irks women to death. I got him up to 186 pounds at first: nice little love handles and soft middle, that kind of thing. And then when it came time to go on the chemotherapy diet, I dropped that and got down to about 171 pounds in ten days. And it’s really not that difficult. You just basically cut out all the carbs and reduce your portions so you’re not having massive amounts of food. I just stayed with the regimen and got the crew to start eating the same way I was. Everybody was dropping weight.”

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