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Busy Philipps: I match dress to Williams

Busy Philipps avoids wearing a "real tight, hot pink corseted number" when she accompanies Michelle Williams to red carpet events.

The Cougar Town actress has revealed the fashion dilemmas she's faced with when joining her best friend Michelle Williams at glitzy Hollywood ceremonies.

Busy would hate to take the limelight away from her high-profile friend, so chooses something subtle when deciding on a gown.

"You don't want to clash," she told the Wall Street Journal. "You know that you're going together, that probably there will be a couple pictures together, so you don't want to clash.

"I've always tried to keep in mind that it's really [Williams's] day. Even though I'm an actress as well and I want to look pretty and I know I'm going to be photographed, I don't want to show up wearing a real tight, hot pink corseted number or something that's going to draw attention from my best friend on her special day."

Busy makes sure she tones down what she calls her "fairly eclectic" style in order to achieve the perfect red carpet look. The blonde star has explained her favourite go-to designs.

"I'm a fan of almost old-fashioned-y-looking dresses for little girls but with bright colours," she revealed.

"I love little Peter Pan collars and little puff sleeves."

Busy appreciates the style of many high-profile beauties, including Alexa Chung. She also named her favourite red carpet dressers.

"I always think Nicole Richie looks amazing and tries out different looks. And of course, Michelle," she smiled.


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