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Caitlyn Jenner inspired by Cindy Crawford

Caitlyn Jenner channels supermodels while primping herself, according to her makeup artist Kip Zachary.

The 65-year-old reality star was known as Bruce until her transition into a woman began.

The transformation process has been documented on E! series I Am Cait, in which Caitlyn is rarely seen looking anything but perfect.

“I started researching brunettes, and I kept going back to Cindy Crawford,” her makeup artist Kip Zachary told Allure of where she found style inspiration. “That's where I wanted to go with her look. When you look at pictures of Crawford, she always looks perfect, never overdone."

Her flawless appearance is mostly thanks to Kip and hairstylist Courtney Nanson.

While Kip didn’t share her makeup inspiration with Caitlyn at first, the beauty professional later let it slip that she had been basing her look on the world-famous pouting beauty.

And Caitlyn was more than happy that Cindy had been used as a template for her own look.

"The first time I did her makeup she said, 'Do whatever you want',” Kip recalled. “Caitlyn really trusted me when it came to her look. We started shooting I Am Cait about three days after our first meeting. I actually didn't even tell Caitlyn that I was channelling Cindy with her makeup until about a month into filming. When I did, she got this cute look on her face and said, 'Yeah, that works.' When Cait says that, Courtney and I know we killed it."

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