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Calvin Harris laughs off Armani ads

Calvin Harris thinks people remember him as the 2007 version of himself.

The superstar DJ looked completely different when he started out in the industry, rocking a dark shaggy hairdo and wearing baggy clothes.

In a campaign for the fashion house, the 31-year-old shows of his newly-toned torso, wearing a pair of tight white briefs and nothing else.

The pictures immediately went viral, with people marvelling at how hot Taylor Swift's Scottish boyfriend looked.

"It was funny seeing some reactions to the shots, because people either didn't know what I looked like, or they remembered me from 2007, when I looked completely different," he laughed to the UK edition of Glamour magazine.

Calvin got the pounds off the hard way, by ditching the fatty foods and taking up an exercise regime.

"I used to eat Burger King and drink Jack Daniel's every day, then I moved to LA and everyone is so healthy here, it made me want to look after myself, so I just cut out the junk food and hit the gym," he revealed.

But that doesn't mean the hunk will be trading in the decks for the runway any time soon. While he was happy to work for such an iconic label, a sex symbol status is not something he's after.

"The only thing I worry about is how well people like my music," he said, adding of the modelling stint: "Armani is such a legendary brand, so why not show it off a little?"

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