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Cameron Diaz doesn't over-think eating

Cameron Diaz allows herself treats, as she eats so healthy a majority of the time.

Cameron Diaz doesn't beat herself up over indulging in junk food.

The 43-year-old actress may boast a slender physique, but that doesn't mean she deprives herself of treats. A majority of the time she eats healthily, which means she doesn't feel guilty when she does occasionally let her diet slide.

"I don't beat myself up," she told Women's Health magazine. "I've already had the conversation with myself about this meal. I ate great this morning; I'm happy to have this meal. And tonight, when I'm making the choice for what I want for dinner, I know exactly where I'm at."

Making women feel comfortable in their own skin is important to Cameron, as she gets across in her tomes The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body and her latest release, The Longevity Book. While many women go out of their way to stay forever youthful, the blonde star insists they shouldn't try to prevent the ageing process.

"We, as women, we have to embrace the fact that we're ageing and we can't beat ourselves up for doing something so natural and essential," she sighed.

Cameron chooses to eat well and exercise regularly as she gets older, and makes sure to look after herself both mentally and physically.

For those wanting to work towards a body like the actress', her trainer Teddy Bass shared some of the moves from her workout regime. One is called Dynamic Dumbbells, which targets the glutes and adductors.

"Holding a pair of dumbbells, sep your right foot behind you, landing to the left of your left leg," Teddy explained to the publication. "Return to the start and step into a deep side lunge with the right leg, while straightening your left. Return to standing and so one shoulder press. Switch sides."

The trainer recommends doing 15 sets to get a firm, toned derriere.

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