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Cameron Diaz 'edgy' on screen

Cameron Diaz's character in The Other Woman dresses with a "classic" style.

The 41-year-old actress stars in the comedy movie as Carly, a businesswoman who discovers her boyfriend is married.

Costume designers Paolo Nieddu and Patricia Field dressed Cameron for the comedy role. When picking the ensembles, they made sure each item reflected Carly's fiery attitude and superiority.

"Cameron, who plays Carly, is not a typical lawyer. She's a little bit more of a dress girl. This one is a red, silk Martin Grant [dress]," Paolo explained in a video for, while holding up the piece."With Cameron, we try to keep it classic but still have a little edge. This [dress] is a silk-crepe chiffon dress with a little gold [belt]. This is Carly's work bag... it is a purse, but we play it as a briefcase. With Carly's shoes it's kind of a classic high heel. It's clean, and sexy."

Patricia was thrilled to work with the blonde actress on the film. It was Cameron who persuaded the fashion expert, who previously worked on Sex and the City, to get involved with the project.

"Cameron Diaz was definitely a draw for me, 'cause I'd never worked with Cameron before. [Carly is] a contemporary, successful woman and [being] sophisticated should reveal itself in the style," Patricia added.

Also starring in the film is Kate Upton, who plays Amber. One particular ensemble in the movie which has stood out on the actress-and-model is a white bikini, which Paolo knew would work wonders on her figure.

"Amber's style, it's a young style. She's in jeans and T-shirt, she's your all-American downtown girl. We rely on Kate to get Amber's clothes. The appeal - she's always on the beach. [The bikini] doesn't have much hanger appeal, so we rely on Kate to give it the appeal," he explained.

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