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Cameron Diaz: I fought my sexy image

Cameron Diaz had to work hard to stop being typecast as a blonde sex bomb.

The Hollywood star, who shot to fame as seductive showgirl Tina Carlyle in Jim Carrey film The Mask, says her model figure attracted a lot of attention from the big studios.

However, Cameron decided to accept smaller, less sexy parts in a bid to shake off the bombshell tag.

"Of course I know that, especially in the early years of my career, I got casted for the extra portion of sex appeal I could bring to the movies and not because of my acting abilities," she told German magazine Gala. "In the beginning, I was the tall blonde with the long legs and pert breasts and I got offered exactly the parts that would put emphasis on these attributes. But I understood quickly that you have to fight against that and consciously decided to choose movies with smaller budgets."

Cameron also spoke about her desire to move to the countryside in the future. Describing herself as a "nature lover", the Bad Teacher star revealed she could see herself embrace life on a traditional farm.

"I'm a real country girl and have dreamed of living on a farm since I was a little girl. A few cows, some pigs - I can imagine that very well," she said.

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