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Cameron Diaz: I want to empower

Cameron Diaz wants her work with Pour La Victoire to celebrate victories and not dictate how women should live their lives.

The Hollywood star has taken on a position behind the cameras for her latest venture and is working with the shoe brand as artistic director. Her goal is to highlight stylish women from all walks of life, and she doesn't think the message put out should dictate to modern ladies how to live their life.

"My goal as artistic director is that our brand doesn't presume to tell you who or what you should be, it is meant to help you be who you are. We believe in celebrating victories, large or small, from personal to professional to creative and empowering women who are fully engaged in their passions," Cameron divulged to Lucky magazine.

Filmmaker Olya Zueva has been cast to front Pour La Victoire's Spring 2014 campaign.

With her statuesque body and slim physique, Olya made the perfect model for Cameron.

"Olya has been an amazing partner in this endeavour - she is the embodiment of the spirit of PLV. She is interested and interesting and she truly lives life with her eyes wide open. She is modern, self-possessed and relatable, with an effortless sense of personal style."

Olya was equally as complimentary about Cameron and found that they shared many of the same ideas when it came to styling the shoot.

"I think Cameron is very astute. Sometimes I’d try something on and I’d think, 'I’m not loving this…' And before I even finished my thought, she’d be like, 'Let’s try something else!' It was important for her that we stay authentic. The team and her kept saying they wanted it to be real," she said.

Cameron's work ethic also inspired Olya, who has worked as an actress before and starred in Salt opposite Angelina Jolie.

"It’s just so great to see how one woman can be a model, an actress, a writer, a nutritionist, a creative director of fashion brand, and be successful in all of these things. It makes you feel like everything is possible! You can be everything you want without choosing one thing," she gushed.

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