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Cameron Diaz isn’t scared of ageing

Cameron Diaz is big fan of meditation and encourages people to incorporate the practice into their everyday routine.

Cameron Diaz advocates for an holistic approach towards ageing.

The 43-year-old actress believes the key to growing old gracefully is keeping in good health and explores the idea in her recently released The Longevity Book.

Cameron says turning 40 was a significant milestone for her and she wanted to share with women, and particularly young girls, what she had learnt about maintaining optimal health as she transitioned from her thirties to midlife.

"Everybody is so scared of aging. And I questioned that, why is everybody so scared? And I realised it's because we don't understand what aging really is. So that's what I wanted to understand,” she told Britain’s Red magazine. "Knowledge is power and being able to understand what's happening to your body and being able to impact it empowers you, and I also think that understanding it, you can be kinder to yourself."

Cameron interviewed doctors, scientists, nutritionists and a host of other experts as she researched her book. Accordingly, she puts achieving optimal wellbeing down to good nutrition, doing physical activity, taking rest, stress release as well as having meaningful relationships. “Those are the five pillars of our wellbeing, how well we age, and that's it. Like that's it," she laughed.

The blonde beauty, who is married to Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden, also finds that regular meditation enhances her health and encourages people to incorporate the practice into their daily routine.

"Meditation isn't just a check-out point," she explained. "It's an opportunity to heal yourself on a cellular level… That to me is really interesting. (And) makes me want to do it all the time."

Cameron also campaigns for body positivity and asserts that every age a woman passes through has “its own beauty”.

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