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Cameron Diaz: Muscles are important

Cameron Diaz thinks women should work out with weights more to make their muscles strong.

The blonde star is famed for her lithe frame but she is honest about how she achieves her physique. The 39-year-old trains hard, which she thinks is the only way to tone up.

"When I'm not working I train every day that I can. I like weights. It's important for women to have strong muscles - that's what carries you," she explained.

Cameron has been open about her attitude towards ageing in the past. It isn't something she is that concerned with as she is happy with how her life is at the moment.

The blonde beauty feels content, explaining she has never overly worried about her life.

"I don't worry about age. I never have. I couldn't' wait to get into my thirties when I was in my twenties. I don't want to go back to being 20, it was torture," she said in an interview with British magazine Look.

"[My self-confidence] has always been there and it's grown as I've got older and wiser."

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