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Cameron Diaz: Watch was first purchase

Cameron Diaz bought a Tag Heuer watch with her first acting paycheck.

The actress has been announced as an ambassador for the luxury timepiece company. It is an association which works well for the star as she has always loved the company's products.

"I decided to become the ambassador for Tag Heuer for the Link Lady collection because my first watch was a Tag Heuer," she explained.

"I had just got my first diving licence and I needed an underwater watch. It was a men's design, too big for my wrist. I bought that when I was 18, with the first money I earned as an actress."

Cameron knows many people think she exercises constantly to keep her toned physique. Although she loves working out she does take time off, which she thinks is the key to enjoying keeping fit.

"Of course, I am not bionic, I am like all the other girls. Sometimes I am able to do lots of things, some others I am lazy and I refuse to do anything," she laughed to Vanity Fair Italy.

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