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Carine Roitfeld favours real women

Carine Roitfeld is proud she only ever included "strong women" in the pages of French Vogue.

The star was editor of the fashion publication for ten years, ending in January. She's now promoting her book Irreverent, which includes some of the most iconic images she's been involved with.

Looking back at her life's work Carine is please she's always been aware of promoting a positive body image to women.

"In my ten years, I never put a girl that was too skinny in French Vogue. I think readers can be very impressionable and you have to pay attention to what you tell them and put in the magazine. And I tell myself my kids are going to read the magazine and I don't want them to feel bad. I prefer to use curvy girls like Lara Stone," she explained to British newspaper The Independent.

"I don't think the woman in French Vogue was an object. She was always a real woman. Even if there was a lot of bondage around her, I don't think she looks like she's suffering. If she wears high heels and a garter belt, it's because it's what she wants. She's a strong woman"

Choosing what to put in Irreverent proved hard for Carine. There were so many pictures to look through she found some she'd forgotten about.

The 57-year-old explained she had enough material for several tomes, but feared people may tire of them.

Since leaving French Vogue there's been a lot of speculation about what Carine will go on to do now. She's previously revealed she's planning a new magazine, which she hopes women will find informative.

"I want to see a link between the catwalk and reality. It's difficult for the woman to understand how to wear the clothes she is seeing on the catwalk," she explained. "Maybe I can find a new way of thinking and a totally different way to express myself. It's very exciting at this moment because it's a new challenge. Ten years is a long time. So I think maybe it's good to try to do something new."

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