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Carnie Wilson 'ate mindlessly'

Carnie Wilson "felt out of control" over her weight after giving birth to her children.

The 43-year-old Wilson Phillips singer is mother to daughters Lola, six, and Luciana, two, with her husband Rob Bonfiglio.

Following her first gastric bypass surgery in 1999, Carnie, who stands at 5ft 3in, slimmed down to a healthy 150lbs.

After having becoming a mother, Carnie ballooned to 236lbs by 2011.

The star struggled to drop the baby weight.

"I couldn't stick with anything. I remember being in bed with Rob, and he said, 'I'm

scared for you.' I said 'I'm scared too.' I felt out of control," Carnie explained to People magazine. "After having kids, you focus on being a good mum, and you forget about taking care of yourself.

"I lost myself a little."

Carnie became disengaged with eating well while she was gorged for two.

"After the pregnancies, I lost my focus," she explained. "I reverted back to old habits [like] mindless eating. I'd snack on my kids' food, a scone, half a doughnut, cookies. One day I counted what I'd eaten-it added up to 2,300 calories!"

Carnie underwent her second weight loss surgery on January 18 and is elated with the results.

"I was a size 20, and now I'm a size 14," Carnie gushed. "It feels fantastic! My children keep me inspired. I want to be there for them as they grow up."

"I wasn't scared about the procedure. I was scared about what could happen if I didn't do anything about my weight."

Carnie has lost 32lbs since the surgery and currently weighs 204lbs.


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