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Carrie Underwood reveals childhood insecurities

Carrie Underwood admits that growing up she hated her teeth and skin.

The country-music star is revered as one of the most beautiful women in the business. However the musician remembers being uncomfortable with her body when she was younger.

“I used to hate my teeth, so I begged my parents for braces when I was 12. I also had beauty moles on my cheeks, which looked like they’d been drawn on with a pen. My mom noticed my trying to cover them with make-up, so when I was 14 she took me to the doctor to get them removed. I have scars on my cheeks now," Carrie told British magazine OK!

The 30-year-old keeps her figure by watching what she eats and regular exercise. Carrie is a devout vegetarian and feels strongly about her choice not to eat meat. However she doesn’t believe that restriction from food is the right way to keep slim and prefers to indulge in moderation.

“I am a thousand per cent vegetarian. I try to be vegan but it’s hard when you’re travelling. I really do love cheese, so that’s a daily battle not to eat it," she explained.

"I exercise and watch what I eat, but I also enjoy going out with friends for wine and pasta. Food tastes good for a reason so I believe in everything in moderation, being responsible and healthy, but also enjoying life."

Carrie has been happily married to Canadian professional hockey player, Mike Fisher, since 2011. Carrie believes that there are perks to being married to a sportsman. The two work out together and both can appreciate what it means to eat healthily. However, while Mike admires Carrie’s body he does not restrict her.

“No he wouldn’t care [if I put on weight]. But he looks good so I want to look good for him too,” the singer explained.

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