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Cate Blanchett is a huge Armani fan

Cate Blanchett built up an "ivory tower" of expectations before meeting Giorgio Armani.

The Oscar-winning actress has teamed up with the fashion star as the face of his Sì fragrance. It was a privilege for Cate to finally meet the designer as she had been a fan of his for so long.

“I admired him from afar for so long — you build a picture of what the person will be, almost an ivory tower,” she admitted to WWD. “When I first actually met him, he was fitting me for a dress backstage after a Privé show — I think it was the first Privé show. He immediately put me at ease.

"He got down on the floor and started measuring my hemline. He didn’t have someone else do it, he did it himself. He was there — the great man — literally at my feet. It was a way of saying, in this moment you are the most important person. It was a profoundly generous thing for him to do."

Cate, 44, recently revealed to Us Weekly that she bought an Armani suit with her first paycheck. She also says her favourite red carpet gown is the Armani Privé dress she wore to this year's Golden Globes.

“He’s unique in the fact that he creates and designs not only garments, clothes but objects and atmospheres that have an intense strength and serenity to them,” she told WWD of Giorgio. “So he’s a master at harnessing that duality in that he’s able to create things that are easy and sensual to wear, but often for women he’ll harness masculine silhouettes. He’s a master tailor, but yet he has a gossamer quality and I do think as a human being he elevates every creative conversation he’s part of.

"For me to have been in creative dialogue with him over the last decade, I count as one of the great privileges of my career.”

Being a part of the designer's perfume campaign has a personal meaning for the actress. She took the lead role in Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine and scent really helped her get into character.

“Jasmine smelled of fear and desperation and sweat,” she mused. “When we were doing The Maids [on Broadway], Isabel’s scent was Fracas [Robert Piguet]. It wasn’t a scent that I personally would wear, but I wore it every night on stage. They’re never things that I would personally wear — because scents operate on such a psychological, aspirational, dreamlike part of ourselves. I think it’s another way of subtly shifting you into a different mind-set.”

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