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Cate Blanchett is loyal with products

Cate Blanchett thinks "consistency" with beauty products is the key to radiant skin.

The Hollywood actress is famed for her perfect complexion and is regularly praised for her alabaster skin.

Cate, who is global ambassador for skincare company SK-II, does not switch-up her dermatological products often. For the past decade, the stunning star has been applying the same moisturiser to her face in the morning.

"Well, [my morning skincare routine has] been pretty constant actually for the last ten years now," Cate said to

"I think it's the consistency of using the one thing, for me, that's been really great."

Cate is more experimental with make-up though. She has numerous products in her handbag.

"As far as makeup in my handbag, I've got a liquid eyeliner from MAC, and a mascara. Someone gave me some Tarte, and that's great because it's like a stain, so it's not thick. And NARS has quite a great range of bronzers," Cate detailed.

"But I'm not as loyal with my makeup, you know, because that changes."

As she was growing up, Cate learned much from her mother's skincare regimen. Preventative protection from skin damage was a major concern.

"[My mother] was quite obsessed quite early - before everyone was talking about it -- with sun protection. She would always send us out in shirts or hats which I was always trying to rip off. So there was always a big awareness of that," she explained.

"She was big on moisturising, before you even think you need to. It didn't make me skin-obsessed, but it was certainly made me aware."

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