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Cate Blanchett: Red carpets need boundaries

Cate Blanchett feels like things have "changed a lot" since she first started walking the red carpet.

The Cinderella actress has been a staple on the red carpet for many years. But the 45-year-old feels like things are very different in that arena now, and not for the better.

"Since I've been struttin' the red carpet, things have changed a lot," she told Harper's Bazaar Australia. "The way women are asked about those red-carpet moments. Oh my God. It's just a dress! Next it will be, 'What brand tampon are you wearing?' How much more intimate can they get? 'Show us your knickers'? There is a line."

Cate regularly tops best dressed lists while in the spotlight. She won her second Oscar last year for her role in Blue Jasmine and wore one of the most expensive dresses ever to grace the ceremony. The couture gold embellished Armani gown and accompanying jewels reportedly cost a whopping $18.1 million.

But despite her love of fashion and sublime sense of style, Cate believes the focus should always remain with why a star is actually at the event in the first place.

"People forget the fact that women are up there [at the Academy Awards] because they've given extraordinary performances," she added. "It's a wonderful excuse to dress up and have F.U.N. But let's not forget the work."

The star isn't the only famous female to speak out against the scenarios they are faced with on the red carpet. Cate's successor to the best actress Oscar, Julianne Moore, recently explained why she doesn't like things like the 'mani-cam'.

"I'm 54 years old," she told Harper's Bazaar. "I can't make my fingers walk; it's humiliating! And a guy asked me to lift up my skirt to show them my shoes, and I said, 'I don't need to do that. Let's keep some dignity.' "

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