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Cate Blanchett: Sleep makes me shine

Cate Blanchett didn't like how cakey her skin got on set from all the make-up applied.

(Cover) - EN Star Style - Cate Blanchett's secret to glowing skin is plenty of soundless sleep.

The 46-year-old actress boosts a flawless complexion at her age and could easily pass for a decade younger. For anyone who wants to look as fresh as she does, Cate has shared a few tips on how to achieve the facade.

"Sleep!" she smiled to when asked how creates the lit-from-within glow. "Which I am a little bit deprived of right now. Also, you know when someone has a migraine or a headache and they haven’t done anything to their face, but their whole face constricts? I think that anything you can do to remove stress will give you a better glow. That’s the number one answer."

There's also some products that come into the equation, such as RNA Power to deal with elasticity and illumination of the skin.

One brand she has long supported is SK-II, with whom she has been in a partnership for some time now. Its newest product, face spray Mid-Day Essence, is inspired by Cate's approach to beauty. It aims to give a vibrant, youthful boost to your appearance.

"On set, you’re often sitting in make-up for a long time - especially for retouching - and your face gets re-powdered so often that it starts to feel a little cakey," Cate explained while recalling how the product came about. "So one day I patted some of the SK-II Essence onto my skin and saw, 'Oh, that works'. So I decanted some into a bottle - just one of those travel bottles, especially since I found that on long flights, I was putting it on four or five times a day. Remember that stage in the 90s when people started spraying themselves with Evian? (The difference) is this actually penetrates the layers of your skin, and it’s obviously great with make-up."

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