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Cate's quick make-up regime

Cate Blanchett's simple skin care regime is all about the preparation.

The Oscar winning actress admits that she often forgoes foundation, preferring instead to just prep her skin.

Her radiant complexion is down to "really great make-up artists" who she credits with teaching her how to get her skin ready for a full face of products.

"I'm pretty time poor like everyone, so often I won't put the foundation on - I'll just prep the skin.

'Working with really great make-up artists, I realised that they prime your skin like a canvas, and I'd never thought of that before. So the moisturiser you put underneath has to work with the foundation," she explained to Marie Claire UK.

The Blue Jasmine actress says the products in SK-II's three-step LXP range keep her looking fresh and radiant.

As well as vitamins, the 44-year-old Australian film star explains that a reliable daily routine also ensures her skin remains in top condition.

"Find a good multi-vitamin. And for me it's also consistency. Being an actress, you have a lot of different products on your skin, and that's one thing for beauty, but for skincare, I find that the consistency has really paid off for me.

"All of the products have Pitera in them, which no other skincare line has. It has illuminising properties, it feeds the roots of your skin, it's really hydrating and [great for] that dreaded thing, anti-ageing," she laughed.

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