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Celebrity jeweller talks A-list's gem preferences

Sandra Bullock can't wear big jewellery because she's so demure, according to top designer Martin Katz.

Martin Katz has dressed most of the biggest Hollywood stars around since he began creating jewellery in 1988. He loves the process of selecting the perfect item for an event, and he's learnt what works for some doesn't for others.

"I'm not a fan of the huge necklace, earring, bracelet... You wear that because you're royalty, not because you're stylish. I don't like it when the jewels wear the celebrity," he told British magazine Hello! "I can put something big on Salma Hayek or Sofía Vergara because they carry it - Sandra Bullock is more demure. You have to attach the personality to the jewel."

That's not to say things always go swimmingly for Martin. He is now used to getting stars ready for glamorous occasions and no longer gets so nervous he has to watch awards shows on TV, which is probably because he's had his fair share of nerve-wracking moments.

"I've jewelled over 1,000 celebrities in Hollywood. In fact, the only one I've never jewelled is Julia Roberts. I'd like to work with her to complete the set. And I'd love to see Princess Kate wear something of mine," he explained.

"Once I was putting blue diamonds on Salma Hayek - we had had it settled three weeks in advance. On the day of the Oscars the zipper broke on her dress so she had to wear a new dress and new jewellery. It was all very last minute."

Martin is also many people's go-to when it comes to their personal events. The most expensive item he's ever sold was a blue diamond ring costing $14 million and he's help clad stars like Jessica Biel for their weddings too.

"I had just given the earrings that Jessica Biel wanted to borrow to my wife. I called Kelly and said, 'Can I borrow your earrings back?'" he laughed. "I enjoy being part of people's special days. I've done a lot of celebrity weddings."

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