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Celebrity talon tricks

A top celebrity nail expert says manicures and hand cream will keep talons in "tip-top condition".

Jenni Draper has worked with a host of stars including Leona Lewis and Lily Allen. The beauty pro says people shouldn't overlook the health of their nails.

"Did you know that just like hair and skin, nails age, too. They get ridges and become weaker as our cell production reduces. Manicures and using hand creams will help keep your nails in tip-top condition," she advised in Closer magazine.

Jenni has given her top tips for a five minute nail fix. She recommends improving the look with brightening varnish.

"Remove chipped nail varnish and apply a base coat," she added.

"I love Mavala Mava-White Optical Nail Whitener, it makes nails looks brighter."

Jenni has also revealed her secret to fixing a broken nail. She says the number of coats is the key.

"Fix a broken nail by painting base coat across the break before applying a one-ply piece of tissue over the top," she explained. "Finish with top coat to hold it together. Then paint."

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