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Channing Tatum binges on bacon

Channing Tatum thinks a life without sugar is no fun.

The Hollywood star is known for his muscly physique, which he's showed off in films including stripper comedy Magic Mike and romantic movie The Vow.

He needs to keep in peak physical condition for topless scenes but when he has time off, he'll take full advantage.

"Between movies I eat as much as I possibly can," he admitted to German magazine TV Movie.

"Bacon in the morning, cake in the afternoon, popcorn in the evening...

"During breaks in filming I drink so much alcohol that I get fat anyway. Embarrassing."

Channing's latest action-packed roles include 22 Jump Street and Jupiter Ascending. When he knows he's got to get fit, the 34-year-old really ups his game.

"I eat nothing except broccoli and chicken," he grimaced. "It's awful, but it works. A life without sugar is just no fun."

Channing has plenty of fans thanks to his successful movies and hunky appearance. However, in the past he's complained that looking good is much more difficult than people might think.

"It's harder than anyone thinks for guys to be sexy... Girls can just do it, just walking... Guys, it's not the same thing. Especially when you put them in a thong," he previously told the Los Angeles Times. "Everything you're trying to do to be sexy makes you look like a clown. I challenge any guy to go and try to be sexy to his girl. It's a very humbling experience."

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