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Channing Tatum needs to be challenged to a workout

Film star Channing Tatum used to swim 100 laps first thing in the morning as he tried to get in shape for 2015's Magic Mike XXL.

Actor Channing Tatum needs a competitive aspect when he's training for a movie role because he dislikes most exercise.

The hunky star showed off a rippling physique in Magic Mike XXL earlier this year (15), but his rock-hard abs and bulging biceps didn't come easily. His trainer Arin Babaian has opened up about just what was needed to whip Channing into shape; a whole heap of exercise and super healthy food.

"When training Channing the process needs to be fun with a bit of competition so I always train with him because he doesn’t really enjoy it so we do it together," Arin told Alpha Man magazine. "However, he is very focused and determined so when he is ready he gives 100 per cent."

Channing had just 10 weeks to get into shape for the shoot, which was a tall order. At the beginning of things he weighed 210lbs. and the pair decided he should be more like 185lbs., although Arin was careful not to put too much emphasis on the number. He feels how someone looks and the way clothes hang from them is always much more important than what the scales say.

To get in shape, Channing re-jigged his life to make it healthier all around. That meant mornings kicked off with a swim - but not your average couple of lengths.

"He’d do a swim which would consist of ether 100 laps in the home pool, or a pool workout where we would do a lap then jump out of the pool to perform 25 crunches or 25 push-ups, or five jump outs, which we came to name water burpees," Arin explained.

There was also cardio, lengthy bike rides up hills, weight training and circuits. While some exercises focused on Channing's abs for the most part they became defined thanks to the other workouts he was doing.

Another big change was the 35-year-old star's diet. He's admitted being a junk food devotee in the past - previously confessing his favourite sandwich involves white bread, peanut butter, a "double portion" of grape jelly and Cheetos - but had to stick to healthier options as he toned up.

"We ate very clean and we’d use a blender and make a veg smoothie with kale, spinach, celery, romaine, and very little fruit, which Channing would drink with each meal," Arin said.

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