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Charli XCX: All hail boobs!

Charli XCX thinks it’s important to appreciate all types of body shapes.

The 23-year-old Boom Clap songstress has developed quite a reputation for being a proponent of powerful femininity.

And Charli thinks it essential to appreciate the female body in all forms.

“I love boobs! So I'm all for curvy bodies, and boobs and bums,” she told Untitled magazine in their forthcoming #GirlPower issue. “They're all great and feminine and amazing …. But I think any body shape is beautiful as long as it's the right body shape for you, and the most comfortable and what makes you feel good."

Charli tends to accentuate her own body with cute clothes that have a vintage flair. She is a fan of the looks Mariah Carey wore during the 90s, which tended to be simple black heels partnered with spray-on dresses that showed off her physique to perfection.

She also mimics the wardrobes of characters in cult classic movies.

“The films Jailbreakers, Clueless and The Craft have inspired most of the outfits that I wear. Britney Spears’ music videos are my style bibles,” Charlie told British magazine Heat previously.

“I think Topshop do really good basics and cute miniskirts. I have some of their ribbed crop tops, too.”

Charli also has a penchant for one makeup item in particular.

She would rather not leave the house without carrying a certain shade of rouge on her.

"Always carry red lipstick," Charli told Q magazine. "This only really works for girls, drag queens and David Bowie. It's a classic lifesaver. It's so chic and it makes everything feel that tiny bit better. Also red lipstick is genius because it hides red wine lips really well."

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